Choosing a Good Brand Design for Your Product

Any product is incomplete without a brand design. This is what makes the product synonymous with the brand. If you want to have the presence of a good brand recall by the customer, make sure you have a good design.

If you have to create a brand design for a client, where will you start? Brand design is essentially a term used for the visual design elements used for a particular brand, something like a graphic logo. It normally connects the visual to the customers and is supposed to convey the product benefits to the customer. A brand design should project a good image of the product, without projecting anything negative. The impression of the design should be strong enough to leave an impression on the customer, an impression that will make the customer connect with the brand and continue to do so.

Brand designing is usually done by professionals that include a good copywriter, a graphic designer, and a convincing marketing professional. The appealing words and catchy visuals have to be projected the right way. Before beginning work on the brand design, one must be very sure of the message that has to be conveyed to the customer. Once the message has clearly been understood, the next step is to zero in on a suitable name or tag line.

A tag line normally consists of five or more words. If the tag line is too long, there might not be any brand recall. If using a short name for the product, ensure that the name is expressive enough to capture the characteristics of the product. If there is no connection of the brand name to the product, then the customer is likely to get confused. It is advisable to keep the name slightly generic, as if the brand name is changed later, the design should not get too affected.

The next step in creating a brand design is creating a suitable logo. By suitable, we mean it should wholly represent the brand as one logo, which means it is representing the company as a whole. Unless there are specific company style sheets that you must follow, you can get creative with the typefaces, colors and the fonts. Keep in mind the logo will be on every form of communication used by the client so create a logo keeping these factors in mind.

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