Branding Design and Its Benefits

Branding is an important task for every business to succeed in the competitive market. Branding design is more than a logo design. Although you need a logo design to start the branding process. The procedure consists of a logo, name of the company and a tag line to create a design. The catalogue is the main thing that a customer takes at glance after hearing the name of the company. It is the branding that highlights the task, idea, development plan and the principles of the company. The catalogue says a lot about your services and products for the customers.

There are various benefits of good brand or catalogue design. Branding creates memorability in the customer’s mind. People will remember the quality products and services of the company and will return to your company in the future. When the company responds to the clients in a positive way, it helps to retain the customers for future. They prefer buying the brands and services from that company, instead of the competing one. This will give them various loyal customers who like their company’s products and services. They will make purchase every time from that company.

Branding design makes other people familiar about the products. People who have not used the products of that company would still recommend their relatives and known people to buy their products. This is the thing that one has to believe is that it can be made possible with an innovative catalogue design of your company. Once your company gains a premium reputation in the market, you can create your premium price list. As and when people get to know about the quality services and products of your company; they don’t bother to pay for them. Ultimately, the profit will be totally yours.

It is just like one-time investment. You spend huge bugs on branding and catalogue design, so that you can gain several customers for your business. Once the process is over, you have to incur lower expenses for further marketing. It is a great thing as you don’t have to advertise every time in the competitive market. Every business person would like to carry out the process of branding design for his company’s growth.

Hence, it is a worth decision to design the catalogue and carry out the advertising process. This would increase the brand image of your company. It is not so difficult, yet it requires research and a lot of hard work.

App Fog Genius Lessons From A Successful Entrepreneur

App Fog Business Startup Lessons from a Lucrative Entrepreneur

Lucas Carlson is a successful startup entrepreneur. When he first started however, he made a few bad choices that almost cost him big time.

Don’t Skip Business Setup Planning

At first he was just programming an idea for App Fog. He didn’t have a landing page, any bank account, brain storming ideas, or thinking about the ideal customers. Skipping key steps really put him back for years. He would program for weeks, and then finish the app idea. Then program for weeks and finish the idea. He couldn’t get people interested in the idea that was created.

Creating a Landing Page

Finally, he decided to create a landing page one night when he was too tired to sleep or even tell his wife about the programming idea. The app idea was PHP Fog. He tried putting it up on a site before that called He registered the PHP Fog website and just simply wrote “it’s like Heroku for PHP”. Heroku’s site only allowed for Rudy on Rails applications so he couldn’t put the applications on that site.

Living the Dream

The next morning he woke up and had eight hundred people on his website! He didn’t market it anywhere else. All he did was put one link on Hacker News network. Also, he described the website in more depth. It turned out that the idea was a “hair on fire” idea without even the creation of the project! This gave him assurance that if the effort is put in, the results will be desired. After programming for two weeks. he just only had a prototype and the traffic went from 800 to 4,000 unique visitors per day!

Hair on Fire Problem Equals Confidence

He had identified a “hair on fire” problem. This gave him confidence to program the solution. This changed his life forever! He realized the difference between having a problem that people know they have versus the problems that people don’t know they have. PHP Fog wound up being AppFog. It raised $10 billion dollars and was later bought out.

No Marketing Expenses

He didn’t spend a dime on marketing! It wasn’t an accident. People already wanted the idea and were looking for it. He learned that he could find what people already wanted and then program an application based on what they wanted. He wasn’t taking a “shot in the dark” anymore.

Don’t be Intimidated

Creating a landing page or micro-website is very scary for most people. They don’t want to know if others like their great idea or not. There is a denial psychological part to this way of thinking. It can be self-defeating to the creation of an idea. They will think “Well I believe in the idea so much, that I don’t care what other people think about it”. This philosophy will kill a great idea. Put your “right foot first” and see what people need.

Differences Between Logo Design and Brand Design

A logo is nothing but a symbol that is used to identify a company or a particular niche in a business. This forms the basis of the corporate identity. Logos usually consists of a name, letters, emblems or just about any graphic design.

They are created so as to help identify the brand in a crowded market; it doesn’t add any value to the products on its own accord. The only benefit of having a logo is the fact that people would be able to identify your products when they’re off shopping. However, when creating a logo you need to make sure that it is appealing and at the same time represents your business.

Therefore, logo designers make sure that the logo stands alone – it is definitive, bold and the color combinations used are well chosen to represent a particular business.

What’s brand design supposed to be?

If you look carefully into the definition of the term brand design, it goes as – a symbol or design that may also include a name or term so as to help people pick out the goods and services offered by a group or business.

A brand is something that delivers your message to the public in a clear and concise way. In addition to spreading a message your brand connects customers with your business emotionally so as to motivate them to buy from you – thereby increasing their loyalty towards your brand (Or business as a whole).

Usually it contains the logo along with a tagline to go along. The logo remains constant for the entire product range; however the tagline (Which represents the brand design) changes as per the products.

Your tag line expresses the benefits as well as the overall quality of the services and products that you offer your customers. Therefore, when you combine your logo and tag line you end up with a brand design that lets people know what you’re offering and at the same time reminds them about your corporate business.

Relation between the two

Very often people use these two terms interchangeably. However, as already mentioned they are totally different. Brand design does include your logo, but logos don’t include brand design. Logo is only a means to let people recognize you in a wide market whereas a brand helps in recognition as well as spreading your message. Hence, all businesses need to make effective use of these two.